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About Us

We are a diverse community made up of remarkable teachers who inspire excellence and support students to discover and realize their full potential.

Welcome to the Semita Community

We envision becoming a learning community that inspires students for academic excellence, lifelong learning, and civic engagement

Our Mission

To support students to thrive academically, emotionally and socially through personalized learning

Our Educational Focus

The 4Ls

Everything we do at Semita is to promote the four pillars of education. These pillars, referred to as the 4Ls at Semita, serve as the foundational focus that brings Semita and our community together.

The Four Pillars of Education

Our Story

Semita means a path in Latin. Every student is different. At Semita School, it means guiding each student on their individual path to success.

Our Story at Semita

At Semita, our story is one of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to providing relevant educational opportunities to students. Since 2014, Semita has offered personalized school programs, blending online and in-person learning to create an innovative, personalized experience for students in the United States and overseas.

The Story Continues

Personalized learning at Semita is further enhanced by a network of satellite campuses where students can receive in-person instruction and support.  With multiple locations, our story continues to reach students in different parts of the globe, guiding them to chart their own path of learning. 

Collaborations Around the World

We believe in collaborating with schools or educational organizations around the world to promote global awareness and cultural exchange, facilitating on one of our four educational focuses: Learning to Live Together. Here are some of our current and past collaborations:


Since 2016, Semita has been invited to participate in a summer program in Germany, a renowned global program for youth, organized by the city of Oberhausen, Germany, to promote world peace and harmony around the world.


Since 2015, Semita has partnered with a public high school in Quanzhou, China, to organize summer camps and exchange programs for students, promoting global awareness and cultural exchange opportunities.


Since 2015, Semita has collaborated with two schools in the US,  Brethren Christian High School and Calvary Chapel Schools, for a joint program at each school to help international students assimilate and have full school experiences while studying in the US.