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Bringing Excellence to Global Learners

Global learners today seek a quality international learning experience to enhance their learning. Students across the world have the opportunity to enjoy a college-preparatory American high school experience while living at their home country.

Global High School for Overseas Students

Empowering Global Learners

Our international program is designed to meet the unique needs and aspirations of students from around the world. We bring the same commitment to academic excellence, personalized learning, and engaging hybrid education to students overseas, creating a global community of learners.

Program Highlights

College Preparatory Curriculum: Our global program features a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for college study abroad.

Hybrid High School: Just like our U.S. programs, overseas students receive an American high school diploma upon graduation.

Supplemental In-Person Instruction: Students benefit from daily, regularly scheduled in-person sessions, creating opportunities for face-to-face interactions and collaborative learning.

Experienced Educators: Our teachers provides guidance, mentorship, and support to ensure the success of our overseas students.

Language Support: We offer language support and ESL programs to help non-native English speakers build confidence and proficiency in English.

Cultural Enrichment: Our program brings together students from diverse backgrounds, promoting cross-cultural understanding and global perspective.

Join Our Global Learning Community

An Educational Journey That Transcends Borders.

¬†Whether you’re preparing for studying abroad in another country, seeking to enhance your English language skills, or exploring your own personalized learning, our global program offers a supportive and enriching environment where you can thrive.