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3. Non-Competitive Grading

With small class and 1:1 instruction, students are never competing for the best grade in the class. Grading is based on individual achievement and mastery of curriculum. Working in small group or 1:1 allows them to gain better mastery of all subjects.

4. Supplementary  Program

Semita School offers a variety of supplementary programs designed to help students achieve their goals. These programs are available for our full-time students and part-time students enrolled at other schools.

5. Overseas Programs

Semita offers international field trips during summer and overseas study programs in China. One semester or year-long study abroad opportunities are available at one of our sister schools.


6. Scholarships

Semita is committed to helping parents with various tuition assistance programs. Each year, a limited number of merit- or need-based scholarships are available to those qualified students.

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