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Semita School offers a variety of supplemental programs designed to help students achieve their goals. These programs are available for our students and students enrolled at other schools.

Our supplemental programs include:

Research Project

Getting into college is a highly competitive process. How can you stand out? The Research Project offers a unique learning experience while preparing students for admissions to highly competitive universities. Learn more...

Leadership Program

Preparing for the 21st century is more than using a computer; it is learning and respecting different cultures and how to work with others. Students participate in courses and workshops covering topics ranging from communication to leadership. Learn more...


Students work in 1:1 sessions to meet their goals on the SAT and ACT. Our comprehensive prep program works with students strengths to help them improve their scores. Qualified teachers make learning fun and interesting, encouraging students to do their best. Learn more...

Overseas Study Program

Full immersion is the best way to master another language. Check out our unique Overseas Study Programs for more information. Learn more...

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