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Overseas Study Programs

Overseas Study in China

Semita offers high school students a unique study abroad opportunity in China to be fully immersed in the Chinese language and culture. Semita's programs will give students a head start with their language journey and help them speak confidently in Chinese. Be it an academic year, a semester, or summer in China, Semita can offer students study abroad opportunities. Full immersion is the best way for students to learn a  language and Semita can offer this and much more.

Summer International Trips

Our summer overseas program, lasting two to four weeks, focuses on students gaining an overview of the Chinese language and experiencing a wide range of cultural activities in a safe and nurturing environment at one of Semita's sister schools in China.

Cultural immersion includes a homestay component, where students stay with a local family. Students will also be able to participate in tours of urban and rural areas as well as cultural workshops. This program offers ample opportunities to interact with local Chinese high school students. The best way to learn a second language is to immerse yourself  fully in it and this program offers students the opportunity to do just that.






Summer Camp & Internship Opportunities:

The Global Ambassador Program in China

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