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Making a difference in leadership education

Leadership Program

Semita is dedicated to nurturing students for participation in a global community.

Our Leadership Program consists of:

Leadership and Diversity: This class, the first in a series of two classes, is designed to teach students about how to thrive in culturally diverse work and study environments in the United States.

Global Applications of Leadership: The second course of the Leadership Program prepares students to become global citizens and leaders in multicultural and international settings.

Leadership Workshops: Full-day workshops offered throughout the year cover a variety of topics with guest speakers and activities.

The Benefits

• Unique preparation for culturally diverse experiences in higher education, the workplace, and daily life

• Preparation for working internationally

• Insight into global business, politics, and culture

Ideal topic for college essays and interview

• Flexible scheduling

Open to All High School Students

The Leadership Program is available to our full-time students and students enrolled at other schools. Students in 9th-12th grade can sign up for these elective courses throughout the year.



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