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Semita offers small class instruction for all students. Additionally, when appropriate, 1:1 instruction, one student and one teacher in a private, comfortable classroom is available for those students who need more individual attention and support. One-on-one learning allows students to learn at their own pace, ensuring students do not “gloss over” a concept only to have it cause problems down the road.

Students and teachers create a learning plan, set goals, and reach them during their one-on-one sessions. Individualized and goal-oriented lessons develop confidence and responsibility in students.

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Individual Learning Plan

Every student takes courses based on his or her Learning Plan which is developed to fit a student’s individual needs (based on individual capability, aspiration, and commitment level). Advisors work closely with students to design an appropriate plan of study. In selecting courses, students and advisors consider the intellectual challenge of each class as well as the student’s overall academic and extracurricular timetable. Advisors and students also discuss the student’s college aspirations, with support and advice from the College Counseling Office.

Learning Strategies

In a 1:1 learning environment, lessons can be catered to each student’s preferred method of learning:

• visual,

• auditory,

• kinesthetic,

• tactile, or

• some combination.

Teachers can adapt to your student’s learning needs and utilize the best resources to help your student understand the material before moving on.



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