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College Preparatory Curriculum

Semita offers a college preparatory curriculum for preparing our students to be:

• Creative problem-solvers

• Critical thinkers

• Effective communicators

• Community-minded

• Global citizens

Individualized Learning

Every student takes courses based on his or her Learning Plan which is developed to fit a student’s individual needs (based on individual capability, aspiration, and commitment level). Advisors work closely with students to design an appropriate plan of study. In selecting courses, students and advisors consider the intellectual challenge of each class as well as the student’s overall academic and extracurricular timetable. Advisors and students also discuss the student’s college/future aspirations.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that students are busy! Our customized education doesn't stop with curriculum. Students can build classes around their schedules. Our flexible scheduling allows students to learn when they learn best.

Early College Program

Semita School is committed to creating educational opportunities for high school students interested in getting ahead in their college careers. Qualified students can take a number of college courses while attending Semita School.

For more information regarding the college courses that are available please email: info@semitaschool.org.



Semita School offers a variety of supplementary programs designed to help students achieve their goals. These programs are available both for our full-time students and students from other schools. Our supplementary program include:

Research Project: The Research Project is the best way to showcase what really matters to colleges: intellectual curiosity, personal character, leadership potential, and community involvement. Learn more...

Leadership Program: Our Leadership Program prepares students for the 21st century. The program covers topics such as leadership, diversity, cross-cultural awareness, and global perspective.  Learn more...

SAT/ACT Prep: Students work in 1:1 sessions to meet their goals on the SAT and ACT. Our comprehensive prep program works with students strengths to help them improve their scores. Learn more...

Overseas Study Program: Studying abroad is fun and educational. We offer a variety of programs that help keep students learning and engaged during the summer months. Learn more...

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