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Academic Support

We value the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual diversity of our student body. Teachers, counselors, and staff work with students individually to understand who they are beyond the classroom and help them find the path that fits their individual capabilities and aspirations. Semita School offers a unique support system to our students for success beyond the doors of our school.

College Consulting

By focusing on students as individuals, we prepare students for the rigors of higher education. Advisors and teachers help each student choose an appropriately challenging class schedule and excel. We offer and consult on individual research projects, enrichment classes, extracurricular activities, and community service opportunities to tailor a  student's resume and transcript to impress the schools of their choice. Additionally, Semita provides opportunities to prepare for and excel at standardized testing. All of these components play a part in the college admissions process.


Not all subjects are as easy to understand as others. Luckily, our tutors can help. Just like our curriculum, our tutoring is a 1:1 learning experience. We cover all academic subjects, select AP courses, and SAT/ACT preparation. Tutoring sessions are available throughout the year.

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